JetCat P100RX CompleteSet

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JetCat RX Turbines

The new generation of JetCat-RX turbines further reduces the effort for cabling and tubing. The new JetCat RX turbines feature the new ECU V10.0 equipped with the fully digital "bus system". All valves are completely integrated under the turbine housing. Therefore only one hose connection from the pump to the turbine is necessary! The electrical connection of the turbine to the ECU is made via a single PowerBus connection cable. The 29g light ECU V10.0, which is 2/3 smaller than the previous version, only needs to be connected to the fuel pump in addition to the supply battery and the connection to the receiver (1-2 channels). All expansion options known from the ECU V6.0 such as GSU connection, GPS and Airspeed sensor inputs as well as smoker output are still available. The included 3S/2100mAh LiFePO4 battery serves as power supply. This not only supplies the ECU and fuel pump, but also all optional components that can be connected to the bus system, such as another pump for smoke and/or LCU (lighting control). If a further bus pump is used, it can be configured as a smoker pump, the setting of the smoker pump output is then carried out directly via the ECU/GSU. Alternatively, the ECU V10.0 can also be set for operation with a 2S Lipo or 6-8 cell NiCad battery. The ECU V10.0 has an integrated precision air pressure and temperature sensor which intelligently adapts the turbine control to the current environmental conditions. The adjustment of the pump starting voltage is also not necessary. The RX engines all start directly on kerosene. The temperature sensor is internally installed on the turbine side, but can still be easily replaced if necessary.

The benefits of the JetCat RX Turbines

  • JetCat Autostart
  • Internal kerosene start and temperature sensor
  • Miniature JetCat ECU V10. New fully digitized bus system for minimal cabling.
  • Connection of turbine to ECU with only one plug connection!
  • ECU with Auto-Power down function. ECU switches off automatically after cooling down process (RC system can be switched off, ECU remains ON until cooling down process is finished).
  • ID chip on the turbine side for convenient JetCat compatibility.
  • New, specially adapted smaller accessory components such as miniature ECUs, valves, micro fuel pumps.
  • Operation via 3s LiFePo4 battery. (not included)
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Fast acceleration
  • CFD-optimized, 5-axis milled micro compressor.
  • Proven, very fast JetCat kerosene start.
  • Internal bearing lubrication with 5% oil content.
  • Supplied with all accessories for installation and operation (without battery).
  • Made in Germany


Technical Specifications

Pressure Ratio


Mass flow (kg/s)


Consumption Full load (ml/min)


Consumption Idle (ml/min)


Weight [g]


Diamter (mm)


Length (incl. Starter) (mm)


Gewicht Set im Karton (g)


Dimensions Carton (LxBxH; cm)


Exhaust Gas Temperature (°C)


Idle rpm (1/min)


Max rpm (1/min)


Thrust @ idle (N)


Thrust @ max Rpm (N)


Exhaust Gas Velocity (km/h)


Exhaust Gas Power Output (kW)


SFC @ max Rpm (kg/Nh)





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