Lambert T20 Kolibri Micro Turbine Manual Start

Lambert T20 Kolibri Micro Turbine Manual Start

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The Kolibri is a miniature Jet engine, functioning the same way as the big examples. The  Kolibri Jet engine is suitable for the prototypical drive of extremly small rc-airplanes an jets.

Technical Specifications:

Thrust: 24N (2,4kg) at 235.000rpm

Weight: (JetEngine): 250g
Systemweight including all neccessary equipment and fuel for 6min of run time: appr. 750g
Dimensions: 55mm in Diameter, 125mm in Length
RPM´s: 98.000 to 235.000rpm
Thrust @ idle: appr. 2N (0,2kp)
Fuel: Kerosine, JetA1, Petroleum, each mixed with 5% Aeroshell 500
Fuel consumption @ full thrust: appr. 89ml/min


Kit includes:

Turbine T20 Kolibri with Turbine bracket
Fuel pump
Magnetic valve
LiPo battery with 2Cells and 800mAh capacity

Tube Set and Connectors
Controln Unit
Display Unit



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