JetCat Kerosinestart Set

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Kerosene Launch System Set

  • Works with standard 2s LiPo battery.
  • Minimum power requirement of only 50 watts!
  • Backward compatible to all JetCat engines.
  • No wiring changes necessary.
  • Remove the glow plug / screw in the kerosene start system, grind the previous gas valve into the kerosene circuit, done!
  • All ECU`s from version 4.00 can be upgraded by software upgrade. The ECU can then be switched from propane to kerosene start by the user.
  • Reliable starting even at low temperatures.

The conversion kit contains:

  • JetCat 6V kerosene start system
  • All connecting hoses and fittings
  • Detailed installation instructions ECU`s from version 4.00 will be updated to the current software version free of charge, the ECU has to be sent in (ECU`s with software version 5.00W or higher do not need an upgrade).


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