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• Simple programming with only two buttons
• LCU switches on and off with the rc, no extra switch is needed
• Inputs are completly opto-isolated
• Can be used in parallel with turbine battery
• Three independet In- and Outputs
• All inputs are galvanically opto-isolated
• One Input is used for the controlling/powering of the LCU by the ECU
• 14 Outputs; 11x multifunction, 2x Afterburner, 1x switching output
• automatically switches the current for the chosen function
• 22x 1W – Emitter can be connected (every output drives up to 2LED´s)
• 2x Afterburnerrings can be directly connected (Voltage controlled to 6,6V). Afterburner will be ignited automatically on full-throttle when in ECU Mode
• Every Output has a monitor LED - Status LED (green/yellow/red) as useful help for programming purposes and as a voltage guard
• MPX-Plugs are used as Batterconnecters
• In ECU-Mode the voltage can be drawn from the turbine battery
• Every single output function can be linked to a free RC-Input
• Many different setups and combinations are possible
• Firmware Updates possible (only at JetCat facility)
• automatically recognizes the Servo direction
• automatically recognizes if in RC- or ECU Mode
• In ECU-Mode the enabling of the flash-lights, the position lights and the afterburner rings are controlled by the ECU. Low voltage, the state of the turbine, empty tank or failsafe will be shown through the different lights.
• Shaply and solid anodized Aluminium housing

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions : H=15mm ; L=73mm; W=51mm
Weight : 50gr
Powersupply : 2 Lipo Cells
Inputs : 3x RC Inputs from receiver
1x Data/Powersupply line to the ECU
Outputs : 14x Outputs for different lights, 11x current controlled, 2x voltage controlled (e.g. for Afterburner or Headlights) 1x Switching output

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