JetCat Smoke Pump PRO V2

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Product description

• fully opto-isolated Inputs
• can be used in parallel to the turbine battery
• three different modes of use are programmable:
1) Rx-Mode: Controlled by a free receiver channel
2) ECU-Mode: In conjunction with the JetCat ECU, the pump is controlled via the “Smoker-valve” - output of the ECU
3) ECU/ Rx-Mode: Pump is controlled by a free receiver channel, in addition the Smokerpump is connected to the JetCat ECU; this prevents an accidential run of the pump, while turbine is in off position (only when turbine is running the pump is enabled)
• Free programmable pump power
• The also has an additional output to control an electromagnetic valve. The valve automatically opens only when the pump is running.
• Shaply, solid, anodized Aluminium housing

Technical Specification:
Dimensions : D=31,5mm ; L=77mm;

Weight :110gr
Rate of delivery : max 2000ml/min
Pressure : max. 5bar
Power supply : 6,8-9,6V, max. 7A
Inputs : 1x control input from the receiver
1x enable input to the ECU
Outputs : 1x output to control an electromagnetic valve


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