EZ Fuelstation Smoke (single)

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EZ Fuel Station „Smoke“ - Only Fuel Station - Accessoiries to be ordered additionally

  • Fully automatic filling or emptying of the model-side fuel tanks. All you need to do is press a single button; the entire refueling / emptying process is then fully automatic! At the end of the refueling process, the pump is always switched off automatically.
  • Integrated flow meter for precise measurement and display of the filled or emptied volume. At the end of the refueling-emptying process, the refueled or defueled quantity in ml and the refueling time are always displayed. If the refueling station has switched itself off after refueling (after an adjustable period of inactivity), the last time it was refueled / action will be displayed the next time it is switched on!
  • Optical flow detectors for detecting the fuel flow / presence on the refueling as well as the fuel return flow / overflow!
  • Intelligent “tank full” detection via the optical detectors on the fuel return line and / or the integrated flow meter, if only a single refueling hose without return line is used (change in volume flow).
  • Enables a hermetically sealed, fully automatic refueling process, in which no more fuel from the model can get onto the ground / environment, since the fuel overflow can be fed back into the fuel station. Ideally in connection with the "EZ-Fueler" tank filling valve. Otherwise the return hose can be connected to the tank overflow in some other way.
  • Automatic shutdown when the fuel container is empty or when the fuel container threatens to overflow (e.g. when large quantities are defueled in an almost full canister)
  • Automatic shutdown if the refueling hose unintentionally "falls off" or is disconnected during the filling process.
  • Protection system to prevent the fuel tank from bursting if the tank overflow has not been opened.
  • Display of the remaining fuel volume in the fuel container
  • Suitable for all imaginable tank systems on the model side, especially for bag tanks with automatic venting of the bag tank, as well as automatic or adjustable decompression of the tank system at the end of the refueling process.
  • Automatic shutdown (auto power down, time adjustable) if the system has not been used for a programmable time.
  • Auto-Power-Off when the supply battery is empty (battery protection function).
  • Statistics menu to display: number of refueling processes, total volume conveyed, etc.
  • The user can calibrate the internal flow meter.
  • 2-line, backlit LC display, membrane keyboard with 7 buttons.
  • MPX input for supply battery 8-18V (recommended: 3s LiPo); The battery is attached below the fuel station with Velcro. Adjustable battery type.
  • Data connector for free firmware updates via the Internet
  • Freely programmable system, with 20 model memories (= filling programs). The tank system can be programmed / preset individually for each memory location, e.g .:
  • Model name (plain text)
  • Type of fuel tank ("normal" tank or bag tank)
  • Refueling speed (pump output)
  • Withdrawal amount at the end of the refueling process
  • Optional "defueling volume" (to remove / facilitate a
  • Defined amount after the tank has been completely filled)
  • Decompression factor for bag tanks (defines how "full" the bag tank should be filled)
  • Maximum or dosing volume (safety shutdown)
  • Use of the fuel return line on / off (1- or 2-hose mode)
  • Two rotatable Festo-L quick connector connections each for fuel inlet / venting as well as fueling outlet and return.
  • Suitable for all common fuels / smoke oil.

Various filling methods / algorithms can be selected:

"Normal Tank" (automatic filling program)

Optimized filling algorithm for any combination of several "normal" tanks connected in series. Ideally, the filling takes place with a filling line and a return line to the fuel container. The return line ensures a reliable “tank full” detection in any case. However, filling with just one line without a return is also possible here. In this case, the "tank full" detection takes place as soon as fuel flows into the overflow (detection of the pressure increase in the tank system)!

"Bladder Tank" (automatic filling program)

Special filling algorithm for bag tanks which are only filled with one filling line. Intelligent “tank full” detection and automatic decompression of the bag tank. Air bubbles are recognized automatically and removed by pulling them back several times if necessary.

"Dosing mode" for defined filling or emptying of an adjustable amount.

This mode can e.g. can also be used for targeted dosing / filling of programmable quantities.

"Manual mode with AutoStop" starts the pump directly in forward or reverse direction.

If a "tank full" signal is detected by the integrated sensors, the pump stops automatically. The pump also stops automatically when the tank is empty (no more fuel flow)

"Manual mode without AutoStop"

The pump runs continuously forwards or backwards until the "Stop" button is pressed. For all automatic filling programs, a programmable amount (ml) can optionally be withdrawn from the tank at the end of the refueling process. E.g. to reduce / adjust the total weight of the model.

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