Lambert Kolibri T35 Autostart

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Kolibri T35 Autostart

The Kolibri T35Autosart is one of the world's smallest microturbines in series production for rc-model applications. Each turbine is individually tuned to guarantee a thrust of at least 3.5 kg under standard conditions.


The advantages of the Kolibri are obvious

  • extremely low system weight à lower model weight, turbine can be mounted in the rear in most cases without a thrust tube à no additional costs
  • low fuel consumption à smaller tank volume à lower starting mass à shorter take off distance
  • Easy and quick start with gas à the turbine starts fully automatically and safely with gas and thus quickly reaches idle speed


Scope of delivery

  • Kolibri T35 turbine with mounted turbine clamp
  • control unit (ECU)
  • Hand Data Terminal
  • fuel pump
  • Miniature electric fuel and gas valve
  • Miniature fuel filter
  • Quick connectors for tubing
  • Tubing
  • All required connection cables


Technical specifications


Diameter [mm]


Systemweight [g]


Length including Starter [mm]


Fuel Consumption [ml]


RPM range [rpm]

96000 - 245000

Thrust [N]



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