JetCat P160RXi-B CompleteSet with internal brushless pump

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JetCat RXi-B Turbines

The JetCat P160-RXi-B requires absolutely minimal cabling and tubing. Installation errors of the turbine system are virtually eliminated. This makes it ideal for turbine beginners. Thanks to our many years of know-how and continuous further development, we have succeeded in integrating not only the valves (as with the proven RX turbines) but also the fuel pump and filter into the turbine without changing the external dimensions. As with the RX turbines, the P160-RXi-B is also equipped with the fully digital "bus system" and the small, lightweight ECU V10.0 (29g). The electrical connection is limited to the PowerBus connection cable between turbine and ECU, the LED board (LED status display and connection option for the GSU) and an RC cable to the receiver connection. Even easier is the connection to the respective fuel system - through a single hose which leads from the tank of the model directly to the turbine! Of course the P160-RXi-B can also be connected to all known extensions such as smoke pump, GPS, airspeed sensor and LCU (lighting control). All features of the ECU V10.0, such as the intelligent turbine control via the precision air pressure temperature sensor integrated in the ECU which adapts the control to the current environmental conditions, are of course also supported by the P160-RXi-B. Also the adjustment of the pump starting voltage is not necessary. Like the temperature sensor, the kerosene starter is installed on the inside and also improves handling and operational reliability.

As a novelty, the JetCat P160-RXi-B also features an integrated so-called "FuelSensor" which detects precise air bubbles or interruptions in the fuel flow. This information is used on the one hand for fully automatic venting of the fuel lines before a start, and on the other hand for diagnosing the quality of the fuel supply. Even the finest air bubbles are registered. The ECU stores the number and duration of any air bubbles in the fuel supply. The "quality" of the fuel supply can be displayed when HSE is connected. The pilot can also be given a signal when the fuel supply is about to be interrupted (e.g. via optical warning signals with LCU or afterburner lighting electronics connected).

The benefits of the JetCat RXi-B Turbines

  • JetCat Autostart
  • Integrated, brushless, fully enclosed, fuel pump
  • Integrated all-metal fuel distribution system with fuel filter and electromagnetic shut-off valves
  • Internal kerosene start and temperature sensor
  • ECU V12.0, digitized bus system for minimum cabling effort and integrated telemetry function
  • Connection of turbine to ECU with only one plug connection! ECU with Auto-Power down function. ECU switches off automatically after cooling down process (RC system can be switched off, ECU remains ON until cooling down process is finished).
  • ID chip on the turbine side for convenient JetCat compatibility.
  • Operation via 3s LiFePo4 battery. (not included)
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Fast acceleration
  • CFD-optimized, 5-axis milled micro compressor.
  • Proven, very fast JetCat kerosene start.
  • Internal bearing lubrication with 5% oil content.
  • Supplied with all accessories for installation and operation (without battery).
  • Made in Germany
  • 36 months warranty

Technical Specifications

Pressure Ratio


Mass flow (kg/s)


Consumption Full load (ml/min)


Consumption Idle (ml/min)


Weight [g]


Diamter (mm)


Length (incl. Starter) (mm)


Gewicht Set im Karton (g)


Dimensions Carton (LxBxH; cm)


Exhaust Gas Temperature (°C)


Idle rpm (1/min)


Max rpm (1/min)


Thrust @ idle (N)


Thrust @ max Rpm (N)


Exhaust Gas Velocity (km/h)


Exhaust Gas Power Output (kW)


SFC @ max Rpm (kg/Nh)



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