JetCat PHT2 CompleteSet

JetCat PHT2 CompleteSet

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JetCat PHT2 Turbines

Starter generator for buffering the operating battery!

  • Genuine turbine power "en miniature"
  • Weight and power optimized turbine drive, ideal for helicopters with a rotor circle diameter of up to 1.7m and a maximum take-off weight of 10kg.
  • Direction of rotor rotation (left/right) freely selectable when ordering.
  • Rotor decoupled from drive by centrifugal clutch and freewheel (rotor is idling)
  • Maintenance-friendly, low-noise toothed belt drive in the primary stages
  • Special toothing in the last gear stage, for smooth running and secure frictional connection
  • Starter generator for charging the operating battery
  • Precision ceramic ball bearings in the engine for low-maintenance operation
  • Integrated kerosene direct start

JetCat turbine electronics

  • Speed controller for constant rotor speed
  • Freely programmable system
  • Turbine starts without compressed air or fan
  • Automatic after-cooling of the turbine after switch-off
  • RS232 computer interface
  • Plain text display of current operating parameters such as speed, temperature, pump voltage, battery voltage, fuel consumption, residual fuel, last running time, total running time, etc.
  • Memory ID-Chip: All settings / data are stored on the turbine side, automatic turbine recognition.

Technical Specifications

Idle rpm (1/min)


Max rpm (1/min)


Rotor rpm @ idle

0 (centrifugal clutch)

Rotor rpm @ max Rpm

1395 or 1610 (depending on gear ratio)

Torque, max (Ncm)

1616 or 2312 (depending on gear ratio)




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