JetCat P20SX Complete Set

JetCat P20SX Complete Set

Price excl. VAT, plus delivery

1,882.35 €
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

The Set will be delivered with all neccessary equipment needed for running and 3years of company warranty!


NEW, with integrated kerosenestart system!!!


Technical Specifications:

Thrust: 24N at 245.000rpm

Weight: 362g incl. Starter und kerosensstart

Diameter: 60mm

Length in total: 180mm

Rpm range: 85000 - 245000rpm

Exhausttemperature: max. 690°C

Fuel consumption: 90ml/min (Full throttle)

Fuel: Kerosine Jet A1, Petroleum

Lubrication: appr. 5% of turbineoil (Aeroshell 500) mixed in fuel

Maintainance: 25hours


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