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JetCat SPT Turbines

Propeller-driven models do not have to do without the advantages of turbine technology. The JetCat SPT turboprop engines have high power reserves in high-tech guise. The basic design and function of the engines are similar to those used in man-bearing aviation. The principle is easy to understand. It is only necessary to convert the high power of the engine into usable shaft power in a suitable way. However, this is not easily possible at the very high speeds. The necessary reduction takes place in 2 stages. Once in a gas ratio, then through a gear transmission. This means that the gas jet of the so-called core engine drives a turbine wheel in operation, which sits on a second shaft. This second shaft is mechanically absolutely independent of the rotor of the basic engine and receives its drive power only from the kinetic energy of the exhaust gas jet. The second shaft drives directly into a gear suitable for high speeds, which reduces the speed to suitable propeller speeds. Also completely new is the electronic control which processes and regulates both the speed of the primary and secondary shaft. The pilot can fully concentrate on flying, the complex engine management is fully electronic.


Propeller Diameter x Pitch

Number of Propeller Blades






JetCat SPT-H

The JetCat SPT-H Variants (SPT15-RX-H, SPT10-RX-H, SPT5-H) are deployed in the helicopter area. An ECU software specially developed for this application allows the free programming of up to three main rotor speeds, which can then be switched on the transmitter side by means of a 3-step switch. The electronic control of both shafts ensures that the rotor speed is kept constant even during load changes.

Technical Specifications

Pressure Ratio


Mass flow (kg/s)


Consumption Full load (ml/min)


Consumption Idle (ml/min)


Weight [g]


Diameter (mm)


Length (incl. Starter) (mm)


Gewicht Set im Karton (g)


Dimensions Carton (LxBxH; cm)


Exhaust Gas Temperature (°C)


Gear Ratio Tailrotor


Shaftpower (kW)


Shaftpower (HP)




Idle rpm (1/min)


Max rpm (1/min)


Gear ratio 2nd shaft

4,0 oder 10,24

Idle rpm 2nd shaft (1/min)

Depending on Propeller


Diameter hole 18mm

Max rpm 2nd shaft (1/min)

7000 or 15000

Max rpm main rotor shaft


Torque, max (Ncm)



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