BeePower BP250 - Industrial Version

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BeePower BP250

The BeePower Turbines are available in a RC- and Industrial Version.

RC Version

The RC version comes with all necessary equipment to run the turbine on a RC-model. The end user only has to ensure the power supply and the fuel line to the turbine.

The set comprises of:

  • Turbine with external Kerostarter
  • Brushless fuel pump
  • Solenoids
  • Wireset
  • RC ECU
  • Data Terminal

Industrial Version

The Industrial version is intended for industrial use. Only selected materials and components are used for this version, as well as a special ECU. This guarantees an optimal performance and extended run time at high attitudes.

The components used in the ECU fulfil automotive grade standards.

Furthermore, the Industrial version can be specifically customized to customer requirements.

The customer can optionally choose on the following configuration set up:

  • Kerostarter external
  • Kerostarter internal (optional)
  • Propane start (optional)
  • BleedAir Port (optional)
  • Saltwater resistant
  • Industrial ECU in massive alloy housing, executed as Powerbox with the following integrated components:
    • Brushless fuel pump with encoder
    • Solenoids
    • 25 pin connector
    • BUS Interface (PWM, RS232, CAN Bus)
    • Integrated Flightdata Recording (optional)
    • Easy and secure installation with reduced tubing and wiring effort
  • Industrial Data Terminal
  • Ground Monitoring Station (optional)

Additional Features

  • Laserwelded stainless steel housing
  • Brushless Starter Motor
  • No high integrated components for easy service and exchangability
  • 90% share In house production of core components, no dependency on sub suppliers
  • All core competencies for processes and production  are In-house
  • Service interval 25h
  • 2 years warranty, warranty extension possible with purchase of turbine
  • Service and maintainance contracts are optionally available
  • Packaging in a high-quality industrial case with foam inlay
  • Maximum thrust at smallest dimensions and system weight

Technical Specifications

Pressure Ratio


Mass flow (kg/s)


Consumption Full load (ml/min)


Consumption Idle (ml/min)


Weight [g]


Diamter (mm)

2724 / 2484

Length (incl. Starter) (mm)


Gewicht Set im Karton (g)


Dimensions Carton (LxBxH; cm)


Exhaust Gas Temperature (°C)


Idle rpm (1/min)

570 - 780

Max rpm (1/min)


Thrust @ idle (N)


Thrust @ max Rpm (N)


Exhaust Gas Velocity (km/h)


Exhaust Gas Power Output (kW)


SFC @ max Rpm (kg/Nh)


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